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Very good adhesion to metal.

Good sanding properties.

Ideal smooth surface after sanding.

High temperature resistance, up to 200C.

Conducts electrical charges.


Very High quality two component polyester putty with increased resistance to high temperature even at 200C.

Partially conductive electric charge mainly used for surface treatment in preparation for painting of the powder.

The product has the flexibility and very good adhesion to various substrates, after appropriate preparation.


After curing, the product should be sanded according to the producer’s instructions until a smooth surface is achieved.

It is recommended to wait 12 hours before powder coating.


The sanded filler coating should be cleaned, degreased and primed before painted.


- Very good adhesion to metals.
- Good grinding quality.
- Perfectly smooth surface after grinding.
- High temperature resistance, up to 200 °C.

Troton Spec High Temperature Filler

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