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Polyshine Professional Cutting Compounds & Polishes!

Made specifically for marine and auto application.
Perfect polish for superior brightness!
Available in low cut, medium cut, zero swirl, and polygleam wax.

Low Cut:
A mild abrasive compound which is formulated specifically to enhance the gloss and paintwork finish. Also ideal for acid rain and paint over-spray removal.
Also used in the final mould preparation and will fill minor surface porosity, leaving a superior high gloss finish.

Medium Cut:
Formulated for compounding mildly faded, damaged or old automotive paintwork. Also formulated for the removal of fine scratches and to restore surface lustre is just one application on all Gelcoat surfaces.

Zero Swirl:
Removes swirl marks and compounds paint coatings to a mirror finish. Zero swirl also polishes out residual swirl marks left by faster cutters and has a minimal clean up.

Polygleam Wax:
Liquid wax formulated from a blend of premium resins specifically designed to leave a mirror finish with an easy wipe-on, wipe-off application.

Polyshine Professional Cutting Compound & Polishes

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