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Pacer Rust Converter Primer & Sealer

Contains a built in primer/sealer.


In one step it chemically reacts with rust, converting it to a hard inert organic compound, and then seals the surface with an impervious coating. 


This coating is a suitable base for a variety of paint systems including most single pack acrylics and enamels, 2 pack coatings and water based paint.   


USES: Recommended for the treatment of medium to heavy rust on steel and galvanised surfaces whenever it is not practical to remove the existing rust completely.  

Interior or exterior, household, automotive, marine, industrial, agricultural gutters and roofing, garden furniture, steel fencing and gates, motor vehicles.   


Available as a 400g spray can, 500ml liquid form, 500ml spray bottle

Pacer Rust Converter Primer & Sealer

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