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MIROCAT PC 3220 Clear Topcoat - Full Gloss


MIROCAT PC 3220 is a premium quality, high build, single pack, pre-catalysed clear lacquer for hot or cold application. This product is a full gloss finish.

MIROCAT PC 3220 is easy to use and results in a high build finish, with excellent surface hardness.


Product Advantages

  • High solids content provides improved hold up for better overall appearance and reduces the number of coats required.
  • Easy to use, achieve an excellent finish with minimal effort.
  • Formulated on a very clear, low yellowing resin and contains UV absorbers to ensure maximum protection of the substrate from UV light.
  • High in can viscosity allows the applicator to adjust the coating viscosity to suit their requirements.
  • Good clarity, provide good grain definition and depth of colour.
  • Excellent flow and levelling results in a smooth even finish.


Typical Applications

Interior use only. Ideal for domestic furniture, children’s toys and furniture, picture frames, musical instruments, joinery and antique restoration.

MIROCAT PC 3220 Clear Topcoat - Full Gloss

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